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Classics Has it All!

Are you interested in philosophy? Does poetry push your button? Perhaps you enjoy a story of grand struggle, the showdown at high noon between personalities larger-than-life. Maybe you need to convince your parents (or your children) to do something. Rhetoric, history, literature, languages, philosophy, history of medicine, military history... Classics has it all!

In the last century classical studies has sufferred, but I believe that for the 21st century students could do no better than to make Classics the foundation for their education. It is said that before today's average college students retire they may have as many as four or five jobs. Why study something practical if you are not even going to practice it? Classics gives you so much: history, philosophy, literature, law, historiography, scientific patterns of inquiry, history of medicine, and today even fields like gender studies and comparative literature -- it's all there!

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Unless otherwise noted, all material below is quoted from Value of the Classics, Princeton University Press, 1917.

Classics' importance: