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The On-Line Annotated Bibliography of Classical Scholarship Not in English

It occurred to me the other night while slogging through an article in German that it certainly would be handy if whoever was last forced to read this article had made some notes for me. And then it occurred to me that with this web page, it would be possible to "pool resources", so to speak. So, when I read a piece of classical scholarship, I'm going to write a short abstract of the work (as objectively as possible), give my unobjective opinion, and then post all that as well as the bibliographical reference here.

I encourage other students and professors to do the same. Here are the conditions: Do not simply translate the work or in any other way infringe upon the copyright protections afforded to the author(s); do not submit an abstract unless, to the best of your knowledge, you truly understand it and have not misapprehended any arguments because of faulty foreign language skills; do not intentionally omit an important part of the author's argument or skew it in any way; separate personal opinion about the article from its abstract; include under what heading you feel this submission ought to be classified (ie, Rhetoric, Ovid, the polis, etc); include your name, email address, and any institutional affiliation in the submission (and tell me if you do not wish this information posted). By emailing a submission you agree to these conditions. I reserve the right not to post any submission at my discretion, and also to remove submissions at my discretion. To submit an entry, simply email it to me and I'll post it here. If you see a submission here which you believe ought to be removed for some reason, please contact me with the details. Also feel free to contact me if you wish to agree or disagree with any analyisis someone else has submitted --- it will be helpful to post dissenting opinions.